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a dog that has been specially trained to lead or guide a blind person in walking about.


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  • Seeing-glass

    noun, British Dialect. 1. a looking glass; mirror.

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    Seeing is believing definition I’ll believe it when I see it with my own eyes. seeing is believing Only physical or concrete evidence is convincing, as in She wrote us that she’s lost twenty pounds, but seeing is believing. This idiom was first recorded in this form in 1639.

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    conjunction 1. in view of the fact that; considering; inasmuch as. noun 2. the act of a person who sees. 3. the sense of sight. noun 1. the sense or faculty of sight; vision 2. (astronomy) the quality of the observing conditions (especially the turbulence of the atmosphere) during an astronomical observation conjunction 3. (subordinating) […]

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    Also, seeing as or seeing as how. In view of, inasmuch as. For example, Seeing that you’re coming anyhow, I decided not to take notes for you, or Seeing as they liked her first book, they were sure to make a good offer for the second one. The first expression was used by Shakespeare in […]

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