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Anna [ah-nah] /ˈɑ nɑ/ (Show IPA), (Netty Radvanyi) 1900–1983, German novelist.
Historical Examples

By these refusals Seghers was deprived of the support of two powerful protectors.
Musical Memories Camille Saint-Sans

For some years he worked side by side with Snyders and Seghers.
Van Dyck Percy M. Turner

This is sufficient indication of the esteem in which Liszt held Seghers.
Musical Memories Camille Saint-Sans

Seghers was a member of the Société des Concerts at the Conservatoire.
Musical Memories Camille Saint-Sans

If Seghers had been adaptable, he might have secured resources, but that was not his forte.
Musical Memories Camille Saint-Sans

Bishop Seghers succeeded the venerable Bishop Demers in his diocese.
The Remarkable History of the Hudson’s Bay Company George Bryce

Madame Seghers was a woman of great beauty, unusually intelligent and distinguished.
Musical Memories Camille Saint-Sans


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