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one of the parts into which something naturally separates or is divided; a division, portion, or section:
a segment of an orange.

a part cut off from a figure, especially a circular or spherical one, by a line or plane, as a part of a circular area contained by an arc and its chord or by two parallel lines or planes.
Also called line segment. a finite section of a line.


any of the rings that compose the body of an annelid or arthropod.
any of the discrete parts of the body of an animal, especially of an arthropod.

an object, as a machine part, having the form of a segment or sector of a circle.

a portion of a program, often one that can be loaded and executed independently of other portions.
a unit of data in a database.

an arclike support on which the typebars of a typewriter rest when not in use.
verb (used with or without object)
to separate or divide into segments.
noun (ˈsɛɡmənt)

a part of a line or curve between two points
a part of a plane or solid figure cut off by an intersecting line, plane, or planes, esp one between a chord and an arc of a circle

one of several parts or sections into which an object is divided; portion
(zoology) any of the parts into which the body or appendages of an annelid or arthropod are divided
(linguistics) a speech sound considered in isolation
verb (sɛɡˈmɛnt)
to cut or divide (a whole object) into segments

segment seg·ment (sěg’mənt)

A clearly differentiated subdivision of an organism or part, such as a metamere.

A part of an organ having independent function, supply, or drainage.

See zona.


The portion of a line between any two of its points.

The region bounded by an arc of a circle and the chord that connects the endpoints of the arc.

The portion of a sphere included between a pair of parallel planes that intersect it or are tangent to it.


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