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verb (used with object), segregated, segregating.
to separate or set apart from others or from the main body or group; isolate:
to segregate exceptional children; to segregate hardened criminals.
to require, by law or custom, the separation of (an ethnic, racial, religious, or other minority group) from the dominant majority.
verb (used without object), segregated, segregating.
to separate, withdraw, or go apart; separate from the main body and collect in one place; become segregated.
to practice, require, or enforce segregation, especially racial segregation.
Genetics. (of allelic genes) to separate during meiosis.
a segregated thing, person, or group.
to set or be set apart from others or from the main group
(transitive) to impose segregation on (a racial or minority group)
(genetics, metallurgy) to undergo or cause to undergo segregation


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  • Segregated

    adjective 1. characterized by or practicing racial segregation: a segregated school system. 2. restricted to one group, especially exclusively on the basis of racial or ethnic membership: segregated neighborhoods. 3. maintaining separate facilities for members of different, especially racially different, groups: segregated education. 4. discriminating against a group, especially on the basis of race: a […]

  • Segregational

    noun 1. the act or practice of segregating; a setting apart or separation of people or things from others or from the main body or group: gender segregation in some fundamentalist religions. 2. the institutional separation of an ethnic, racial, religious, or other minority group from the dominant majority. 3. the state or condition of […]

  • Segregation analysis

    segregation analysis n. The determination of the number of progeny that have inherited distinct and mutually exclusive phenotypes.

  • Segregationist

    [seg-ri-gey-shuh-nist] /ˌsɛg rɪˈgeɪ ʃə nɪst/ noun 1. one who favors, encourages, or practices segregation, especially racial segregation. segregationist /ˌsɛɡrɪˈɡeɪʃənɪst/ noun 1. a person who favours, advocates, or practises racial segregation

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