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of or relating to a seignior.


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  • Seik

    adjective 1. a Scot word for sick1

  • Seiko rc-4000

    A wristwatch with an EIA-232 interface. A clip fitted round the watch and made electrical contact. This clip had a socket for a stereo style jack lead the other end of which was a 25-way D-type connector. The lead allowed you to enter phone numbers etc. into the watch without having to play with tiny […]

  • Seilenos

    noun 1. Silenus. noun, plural Sileni [sahy-lee-nahy] /saɪˈli naɪ/ (Show IPA), for 2. Classical Mythology. 1. a forest spirit, sometimes referred to as the oldest of the satyrs and the foster father, teacher, and companion of Dionysus: often represented as a bearded old man. 2. (lowercase) any of a group of forest spirits similar to […]

  • Seine

    noun 1. a fishing net that hangs vertically in the water, having floats at the upper edge and sinkers at the lower. verb (used with object), seined, seining. 2. to fish for or catch with a seine. 3. to use a seine in (water). verb (used without object), seined, seining. 4. to fish with a […]

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