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compulsory military service.
selective service
(US) (formerly) compulsory military service under which men were conscripted selectively


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  • Selective-service-system

    noun 1. the U.S. federal agency that facilitates the mobilization of military forces by requiring the registration of males between the ages of 18 and 26 years. Abbreviation: SSS. Selective Service System definition The system used in the United States to draft young people into armed service. Though the United States at present has no […]

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    selective stain n. A stain that colors one portion of a tissue or cell exclusively or more deeply than the remaining portions.

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    noun 1. a sound-recording process that facilitates overdubs by feeding the recorded track to the performer straight from the recording head Often shortened to sel-sync

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    noun, Automotive. 1. a transmission in which the available forward and reverse gears may be engaged in any order, without passing progressively through the different changes of gear.

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