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or advertizement
[ad-ver-tahyz-muh nt, ad-vur-tis-muh nt, -tiz-] /ˌæd vərˈtaɪz mənt, ædˈvɜr tɪs mənt, -tɪz-/
a paid announcement, as of goods for sale, in newspapers or magazines, on radio or television, etc.
a public notice, especially in print.
the action of making generally known; a calling to the attention of the public:
The news of this event will receive wide advertisement.
/ədˈvɜːtɪsmənt; -tɪz-/
any public notice, as a printed display in a newspaper, short film on television, announcement on radio, etc, designed to sell goods, publicize an event, etc Shortened forms ad, advert


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