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[self-uh-sur-shuh n, self-] /ˈsɛlf əˈsɜr ʃən, ˌsɛlf-/
insistence on or an expression of one’s own importance, wishes, needs, opinions, or the like.
the act or an instance of putting forward one’s own opinions, etc, esp in an aggressive or conceited manner


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  • Self-assessment

    noun 1. the act of assessing; appraisal; evaluation. 2. an official valuation of property for the purpose of levying a tax; an assigned value. 3. an amount assessed as payable. self-assessment noun 1. an evaluation of one’s own abilities and failings 2. (finance) a system to enable taxpayers to assess their own tax liabilities noun […]

  • Self-assuming

    adjective 1. taking too much for granted; presumptuous. adjective 1. expecting too much; presumptuous; arrogant conjunction 2. (often foll by that) if it is assumed or taken for granted (that): even assuming he understands the problem, he will never take any action

  • Self-assurance

    [self-uh-shoo r-uh ns, self-] /ˈsɛlf əˈʃʊər əns, ˌsɛlf-/ noun 1. self-confidence. self-assurance noun 1. confidence in the validity, value, etc, of one’s own ideas, opinions, etc

  • Self-assured

    [self-uh-shoo rd] /ˈsɛlf əˈʃʊərd/ adjective 1. self-confident. self-assured adjective 1. confident of one’s own worth

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