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verb (used with object), defined, defining.
to state or set forth the meaning of (a word, phrase, etc.): They disagreed on how to define “liberal.”.
to explain or identify the nature or essential qualities of; describe:
to define judicial functions.
to fix or lay down clearly and definitely; specify distinctly:
to define one’s responsibilities.
Synonyms: state, name, describe, detail, enumerate.
to determine or fix the boundaries or extent of:
to define property with stakes.
to make clear the outline or form of:
The roof was boldly defined against the sky.
verb (used without object), defined, defining.
to set forth the meaning of a word, phrase, etc.; construct a definition.
verb (transitive)
to state precisely the meaning of (words, terms, etc)
to describe the nature, properties, or essential qualities of
to determine the boundary or extent of
(often passive) to delineate the form or outline of: the shape of the tree was clearly defined by the light behind it
to fix with precision; specify


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