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[self-dep-ri-key-ting, self-] /ˈsɛlfˈdɛp rɪˌkeɪ tɪŋ, ˌsɛlf-/
belittling or undervaluing oneself; excessively modest.
having a tendency to disparage oneself


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  • Self-depreciating

    or self-depreciative [self-di-pree-shee-ey-ting, self-] /ˈsɛlf dɪˈpri ʃiˌeɪ tɪŋ, ˌsɛlf-/ adjective 1. self-deprecating.

  • Self-deprivation

    noun 1. the act of depriving. 2. the fact of being deprived. 3. dispossession; loss. 4. removal from ecclesiastical office. 5. privation. noun 1. an act or instance of depriving 2. the state of being deprived: social deprivation, a cycle of deprivation and violence deprivation dep·ri·va·tion (děp’rə-vā’shən) n. The absence, loss, or withholding of something […]

  • Self-determinism

    [self-di-tur-muh-niz-uh m, self-] /ˈsɛlf dɪˈtɜr məˌnɪz əm, ˌsɛlf-/ noun, Philosophy. 1. a theory that every present state or condition of the self is a result of previous states or conditions of the self.

  • Self-development

    noun 1. the act or process of developing; growth; progress: child development; economic development. 2. a significant consequence or event: recent developments in the field of science. 3. a developed or advanced state or form: Drama reached its highest development in the plays of Shakespeare. 4. Music. the part of a movement or composition in […]

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