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verb (used with object)
to supply with riches, wealth, abundant or valuable possessions, etc.:
Commerce enriches a nation.
to supply with abundance of anything desirable:
to enrich the mind with knowledge.
to add greater value or significance to:
Art enriches life.
to adorn or decorate:
a picture frame enriched with gold.
to make finer in quality, as by supplying desirable elements or ingredients:
to enrich soil.
to increase the proportion of a valuable mineral or isotope in (a substance or material):
The fuel was enriched with uranium 235 for the nuclear reactor.

to restore to (a food) a nutrient that has been lost during an early stage of processing:
to enrich flour with thiamine, iron, niacin, and riboflavin.
to add vitamins and minerals to (food) to enhance its nutritive value.

verb (transitive)
to increase the wealth of
to endow with fine or desirable qualities: to enrich one’s experience by travelling
to make more beautiful; adorn; decorate: a robe enriched with jewels
to improve in quality, colour, flavour, etc
to increase the food value of by adding nutrients: to enrich dog biscuits with calcium
to make (soil) more productive, esp by adding fertilizer
(physics) to increase the concentration or abundance of one component or isotope in (a solution or mixture); concentrate: to enrich a solution by evaporation, enrich a nuclear fuel


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