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[self-im-uh-ley-shuh n] /ˈsɛlfˌɪm əˈleɪ ʃən/
voluntary sacrifice or denial of oneself, as for an ideal or another person.
the act or an instance of setting fire to oneself


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  • Self-immunity

    noun, plural immunities. 1. the state of being immune from or insusceptible to a particular disease or the like. 2. the condition that permits either natural or acquired resistance to disease. 3. the ability of a cell to react immunologically in the presence of an antigen. 4. exemption from any natural or usual liability. 5. […]

  • Self-impedance

    noun 1. Electricity. the total opposition to alternating current by an electric circuit, equal to the square root of the sum of the squares of the resistance and reactance of the circuit and usually expressed in ohms. Symbol: Z. 2. Also called mechanical impedance. Physics. the ratio of the force on a system undergoing simple […]

  • Self-important

    [self-im-pawr-tnt, self-] /ˈsɛlf ɪmˈpɔr tnt, ˌsɛlf-/ adjective 1. having or showing an exaggerated opinion of one’s own importance; pompously conceited or haughty. self-important adjective 1. having or showing an unduly high opinion of one’s own abilities, importance, etc

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    [self-im-pohzd, self-] /ˈsɛlf ɪmˈpoʊzd, ˌsɛlf-/ adjective 1. imposed on one by oneself: a self-imposed task. self-imposed adjective 1. (of a task, role, or circumstance) having been imposed on oneself by oneself

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