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verb (used with object), inoculated, inoculating.
to implant (a disease agent or antigen) in a person, animal, or plant to produce a disease for study or to stimulate disease resistance.
to affect or treat (a person, animal, or plant) in this manner.
to introduce (microorganisms) into surroundings suited to their growth, as a culture medium.
to imbue (a person), as with ideas.
Metallurgy. to treat (molten metal) chemically to strengthen the microstructure.
verb (used without object), inoculated, inoculating.
to perform inoculation.
to introduce (the causative agent of a disease) into the body of (a person or animal), in order to induce immunity
(transitive) to introduce (microorganisms, esp bacteria) into (a culture medium)
(transitive) to cause to be influenced or imbued, as with ideas or opinions

inoculate in·oc·u·late (ĭ-nŏk’yə-lāt’)
v. in·oc·u·lat·ed, in·oc·u·lat·ing, in·oc·u·lates

To introduce a serum, a vaccine, or an antigenic substance into the body of a person or an animal, especially as a means to produce or boost immunity to a specific disease.

To implant microorganisms or infectious material into or on a culture medium.

To communicate a disease to a living organism by transferring its causative agent into the organism.

in·oc’u·la’tive adj.
in·oc’u·la’tor n.


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