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the act or faculty of perceiving, or apprehending by means of the senses or of the mind; cognition; understanding.
immediate or intuitive recognition or appreciation, as of moral, psychological, or aesthetic qualities; insight; intuition; discernment:
an artist of rare perception.
the result or product of perceiving, as distinguished from the act of perceiving; percept.
Psychology. a single unified awareness derived from sensory processes while a stimulus is present.
Law. the taking into possession of rents, crops, profits, etc.
the act or the effect of perceiving
insight or intuition gained by perceiving
the ability or capacity to perceive
way of perceiving; awareness or consciousness; view: advertising affects the customer’s perception of a product
the process by which an organism detects and interprets information from the external world by means of the sensory receptors
(law) the collection, receipt, or taking into possession of rents, crops, etc

perception per·cep·tion (pər-sěp’shən)

The process, act, or faculty of perceiving.

Recognition and interpretation of sensory stimuli based chiefly on memory.


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