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verb (used with object), renounced, renouncing.
to give up or put aside voluntarily:
to renounce worldly pleasures.
to give up by formal declaration:
to renounce a claim.
to repudiate; disown:
to renounce one’s son.
verb (used without object), renounced, renouncing.

to play a card of a different suit from that led.
to abandon or give up a suit led.
to fail to follow the suit led.

Cards. an act or instance of renouncing.
(transitive) to give up (a claim or right), esp by formal announcement: to renounce a title
(transitive) to repudiate: to renounce Christianity
(transitive) to give up (some habit, pursuit, etc) voluntarily: to renounce smoking
(intransitive) (cards) to fail to follow suit because one has no cards of the suit led
(rare) a failure to follow suit in a card game


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