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an act or manner of treating.
action or behavior toward a person, animal, etc.
management in the application of medicines, surgery, etc.
literary or artistic handling, especially with reference to style.
subjection to some agent or action.
Movies, Television. a preliminary outline of a film or teleplay laying out the key scenes, characters, and locales.
the act or an instance of applying (medical) treatment to oneself
the application of medicines, surgery, psychotherapy, etc, to a patient or to a disease or symptom
the manner of handling or dealing with a person or thing, as in a literary or artistic work
the act, practice, or manner of treating
(films) an expansion of a script into sequence form, indicating camera angles, dialogue, etc
(slang) the treatment, the usual manner of dealing with a particular type of person (esp in the phrase give someone the (full) treatment)

self-treatment n.
Treatment of oneself without professional supervision so as to alleviate an illness or a condition.

treatment treat·ment (trēt’mənt)
Administration or application of remedies to a patient or for a disease or an injury; medicinal or surgical management; therapy.
see: red carpet (treatment)


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