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or self-abandon
[self-uh-ban-duh n-muh nt] /ˈsɛlf əˈbæn dən mənt/
absence or lack of personal restraint.
lacking self-control; giving in to one’s impulses.


Read Also:

  • Self-abasement

    [self-uh-beys-muh nt, self-] /ˈsɛlf əˈbeɪs mənt, ˌsɛlf-/ noun 1. humiliation of oneself, especially as a result of guilt, shame, or the like.

  • Self-abhorrence

    noun 1. a feeling of extreme repugnance or aversion; utter loathing; abomination. 2. something or someone extremely repugnant or loathsome. noun 1. a feeling of extreme loathing or aversion 2. a person or thing that is loathsome

  • Self-abnegation

    [self-ab-ni-gey-shuh n] /ˈsɛlfˌæb nɪˈgeɪ ʃən/ noun 1. self-denial or self-sacrifice. self-abnegation noun 1. the denial of one’s own interests in favour of the interests of others

  • Self-absorbed

    [self-ab-sawrbd, -zawrbd, self-] /ˈsɛlf æbˈsɔrbd, -ˈzɔrbd, ˌsɛlf-/ adjective 1. preoccupied with one’s thoughts, interests, etc. self-absorbed adjective 1. preoccupied with one’s own thoughts, emotions, life, etc

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