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  • Self-nourishment

    noun 1. something that nourishes; food, nutriment, or sustenance. 2. the act of nourishing. 3. the state of being nourished. 4. a process, system, method, etc., of providing or administering nourishment: a treatise on the nourishment of international trade. noun 1. the act or state of nourishing 2. a substance that nourishes; food; nutriment nourishment […]

  • Self-oblivion

    noun 1. the state of being completely forgotten or unknown: a former movie star now in oblivion. 2. the state of forgetting or of being oblivious: the oblivion of sleep. 3. the act or process of dying out; complete annihilation or extinction: If we don’t preserve their habitat, the entire species will pass into oblivion. […]

  • Self-oblivious

    adjective 1. unmindful; unconscious; unaware (usually followed by of or to): She was oblivious of his admiration. 2. forgetful; without remembrance or memory: oblivious of my former failure. 3. Archaic. inducing forgetfulness. adjective 1. foll by to or of. unaware or forgetful

  • Self-observation

    noun 1. an act or instance of noticing or perceiving. 2. an act or instance of regarding attentively or watching. 3. the faculty or habit of observing or noticing. 4. notice: to escape a person’s observation. 5. an act or instance of viewing or noting a fact or occurrence for some scientific or other special […]

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