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sellar sel·lar (sěl’ər, -är’)
Of, relating to, or characterized by the sella turcica.


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  • Sella turcica

    sella turcica sella tur·ci·ca (tûr’sĭ-kə) n. A saddlelike prominence on the upper surface of the sphenoid bone of the skull, situated in the middle cranial fossa and dividing it into two halves.

  • Sell-back

    noun 1. an act or instance of selling something previously purchased.

  • Sell-by date

    [sel-bahy] /ˈsɛlˌbaɪ/ noun 1. the last date on which perishable food should be sold, usually established with some allowance for home storage under refrigeration. Compare shelf life. Idioms 2. past one’s / its sell-by date, Informal. past one’s or its prime; past the period of greatest vigor, success, etc.: an aging actress, well past her […]

  • Seller

    noun 1. a person who sells; salesperson or vender. 2. an article considered with reference to its sales: one of the poorest sellers. noun, adjective, pronoun, Scot. 1. self. noun 1. a person who sells 2. an article to be sold: this item is always a good seller 3. short for selling race noun 1. […]

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