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semper fidelis.

always faithful
Word Origin

abbreviation of Latin Semper Fidelis


Read Also:

  • Semper-fidelis

    [sem-per fi-dey-lis; English sem-per fi-dey-lis, -dee-] /ˈsɛm pɛr fɪˈdeɪ lɪs; English ˈsɛm pər fɪˈdeɪ lɪs, -ˈdi-/ Latin. 1. always faithful: motto of the U.S. Marine Corps. semper fidelis /ˈsɛmpə fɪˈdeɪlɪs/ uknown 1. always faithful phrase See semper fi semper fidelis [(sem-puhr fi-day-lis)] Latin for “always faithful”; the motto of the United States Marine Corps.

  • Semper-idem

    Latin. 1. always the same.

  • Semper-paratus

    [sem-per pah-rah-too s; English sem-per puh-rey-tuh s] /ˈsɛm pɛr pɑˈrɑ tʊs; English ˈsɛm pər pəˈreɪ təs/ Latin. 1. always ready: motto of the U.S. Coast Guard. semper paratus /ˈsɛmpə pəˈrɑːtəs/ uknown 1. always prepared

  • Sempervivum

    noun 1. any of various succulent plants belonging to the genus Sempervivum, of the stonecrop family, having leaves in dense basal rosettes and a compact, flat-topped cluster of flowers, and including the houseleek, S. tectorum, and other commonly cultivated species. noun 1. See houseleek

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