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a republic in W Africa: independent member of the French Community; formerly part of French West Africa. 76,084 sq. mi. (197,057 sq. km).
Capital: Dakar.
a river in W Africa, flowing NW from E Mali to the Atlantic at St. Louis. About 1000 miles (1600 km) long.
a republic in West Africa, on the Atlantic: made part of French West Africa in 1895; became fully independent in 1960; joined with The Gambia to form the Confederation of Senegambia (1982–89); mostly low-lying, with semidesert in the north and tropical forest in the southwest Official language: French. Religion: Muslim majority. Currency: franc. Capital: Dakar. Pop: 13 300 410 (2013 est). Area: 197 160 sq km (76 124 sq miles)

Senegal definition

Republic in western Africa, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Mauritania to the north, Mali to the east, and Guinea and Guinea-Bissau to the south. Dakar is the capital and largest city.

Note: Senegal was a French colony from 1895 to 1958. It became fully independent in 1960.


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    adjective 1. of or relating to the republic of Senegal. noun, plural Senegalese. 2. a native or inhabitant of Senegal. adjective 1. of or relating to Senegal or its inhabitants noun 2. a native or inhabitant of Senegal

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    noun 1. a region in W Africa between the Senegal and Gambia rivers, now mostly in Senegal. 2. a confederation of Senegal and the Gambia, formed in 1982. noun 1. a region of W Africa, between the Senegal and Gambia Rivers: now mostly in Senegal

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    noun 1. an economic and political union (1982–89) between Senegal and The Gambia

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