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of or relating to the senses or sensation.
Physiology. noting a structure for conveying an impulse that results or tends to result in sensation, as a nerve.
of or relating to the senses or the power of sensation
of or relating to those processes and structures within an organism that receive stimuli from the environment and convey them to the brain

sensory sen·so·ry (sěn’sə-rē)

Of or relating to the senses or sensation.

Transmitting impulses from sense organs to nerve centers; afferent.

Involving the sense organs or the nerves that relay messages from them. Compare motor.


Read Also:

  • Sensory aphasia

    sensory aphasia n. Aphasia in which the ability to comprehend written or spoken words is lost. Also called impressive aphasia, receptive aphasia.

  • Sensory-cortex

    noun 1. the region of the cerebral cortex concerned with receiving and interpreting sensory information from various parts of the body. sensory cortex n. The somatic sensory, auditory, visual, and olfactory regions of the cerebral cortex considered as a group.

  • Sensory epilepsy

    sensory epilepsy n. A form of focal epilepsy in which various disturbances of sensation occur in paroxysms that may or may not cause seizures.

  • Sensory ganglion

    sensory ganglion n. A cluster of primary sensory neurons forming a swelling in the course of a peripheral nerve or its dorsal root and establishing the sole afferent neural connection between the sensory periphery and the central nervous system.

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