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pertaining to or of the nature of a sentence.


Read Also:

  • Sentential-calculus

    noun 1. the branch of symbolic logic dealing with the logical relationships between statements insofar as they can be analyzed into conjunctions, disjunctions, and negations of more elementary statements. sentential calculus noun 1. (logic) the formal theory the intended interpretation of which concerns the logical relations between sentences treated only as a whole and without […]

  • Sentential-connective

    noun, Logic. 1. any of several words or their equivalent symbols used in logical formulas to connect propositions, as “or,” “not,” “and,” “if and only if.”.

  • Sentential-function

    noun, Logic. 1. an expression that contains one or more variables and becomes meaningful when suitable constant terms are substituted for them. sentential function noun 1. another name for open sentence

  • Sententious

    adjective 1. abounding in pithy aphorisms or maxims: a sententious book. 2. given to excessive moralizing; self-righteous. 3. given to or using pithy sayings or maxims: a sententious poet. 4. of the nature of a maxim; pithy. adjective 1. characterized by or full of aphorisms, terse pithy sayings, or axioms 2. constantly using aphorisms, etc […]

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