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[Sephardic Hebrew se-fer taw-rah; Ashkenazic Hebrew sey-fuh r toh-ruh, toi-ruh; English sey-fer tawr-uh, tohr-uh] /Sephardic Hebrew ˈsɛ fɛr tɔˈrɑ; Ashkenazic Hebrew ˈseɪ fər ˈtoʊ rə, ˈtɔɪ rə; English ˈseɪ fər ˈtɔr ə, ˈtoʊr ə/
noun, plural Siphrei Torah
[Sephardic Hebrew see-frey taw-rah; Ashkenazic Hebrew si-frey toh-ruh, toi-ruh] /Sephardic Hebrew siˈfreɪ tɔˈrɑ; Ashkenazic Hebrew ˈsɪ freɪ ˈtoʊ rə, ˈtɔɪ rə/ (Show IPA). English, Sepher Torahs. Hebrew.
a scroll of the Torah, typically of parchment, from which the designated Parashah is chanted or read on the prescribed days.


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