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any group of seven persons or things.
a company of seven singers or musicians.
a musical composition for seven voices or instruments.
(music) a group of seven singers or instrumentalists or a piece of music composed for such a group
a group of seven people or things


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    1. a combining form meaning “seven,” used in the formation of compound words: septilateral. combining form 1. seven: septivalent combining form 1. septum: septicidal septi- pref. Seven.

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    adjective, Pathology. 1. pertaining to or of the nature of sepsis; infected. 2. putrefactive. adjective 1. of, relating to, or caused by sepsis 2. of, relating to, or caused by putrefaction noun 3. (Austral & NZ, informal) short for septic tank septic sep·tic (sěp’tĭk) adj. Of, relating to, having the nature of, or affected by […]

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    septic abortion n. Abortion complicated by fever, endometritis, and parametritis, often leading to sepsis.

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