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[sep-tuh-sil-uh-buh l] /ˈsɛp təˌsɪl ə bəl/
a word made up of seven syllables.


Read Also:

  • Septivalent

    adjective, Chemistry. 1. having a valence of seven; heptavalent. adjective 1. (chem) another word for heptavalent

  • Septo-

    septo- or sept- pref. Septum: septotomy.

  • Septomarginal

    septomarginal sep·to·mar·gi·nal (sěp’tō-mär’jə-nəl) adj. Of or relating to the margin of a septum. Of or relating to a margin and a septum.

  • Separate wheat from chaff

    Sort the valuable from the worthless, as in I hope we’ll get a preview of the auction so we can separate the wheat from the chaff. This idiom alludes to the ancient practice of winnowing grain.

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