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characterized by regular sequence of parts.
following; subsequent; consequent.
characterized by or having a regular sequence
another word for sequent


Read Also:

  • Sequential-access

    [si-kwen-shuh l-ak-ses] /sɪˈkwɛn ʃəlˈæk sɛs/ adjective, Computers. 1. of or relating to a storage medium, as magnetic tape, in which records must be accessed by reading or writing from the beginning of the file. 2. of or relating to file processing in which records are organized based on the sequence of keys contained in each […]

  • Sequential-analysis

    noun, Statistics. 1. the analysis of data obtained from a sample the size of which is not fixed in advance, but is selected based on the outcome of the sampling as it proceeds.

  • Sequential coding

    graphics, file format, algorithm The usual bitmap image data storage format or transmission algorithm where the resoluton is constant and later data adds only more area. This contrasts with progressive coding. (2000-09-12)

  • Sequential file matching

    A programming technique that matches records in one sequential file with records in another sequential file. The records are accessed in the physical order in which they are stored. (1994-11-02)

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