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Contemporary Examples

But you must not discuss my proposal with anyone in the Serb delegation yet.
Richard Holbrooke on the Dayton Peace Accords Richard Holbrooke December 14, 2010

Tomlinson testified that MI6 had devised a similar “plot” to kill the Serb leader, Slobodan Milosevic, in 1992.
Princess Diana’s 50th Birthday: The ‘Unanswered Questions’ Martyn Gregory June 30, 2011

The Serb population inside Bosnia rallied to the cause even as those forces were retreating rapidly.
Hamas’s Temporary Popularity Bump Daniel Serwer November 26, 2012

Jevtic was a Serb who had saved dozens of Croats from a massacre by his fellow Serbs during the 1990s Yugoslavian wars.
Eyal Press’s New Book Explores Moral Courage Eric Herschthal March 7, 2012

What if a Serb mortar team carried a little ginger cat as their mascot?
5 War Books You May Not Have in Your Library Jake Tapper November 10, 2013

Historical Examples

The Turks abolished the seat of the Serb church in Pec in 1766.
After the Rain Sam Vaknin

And whether it was going to be a Serb or Bulgar who would rescue them—qu’importe?
The Birth of Yugoslavia, Volume 1 Henry Baerlein

The Yugoslav (read: Serb) army – ostensibly the side that lost the war – is vibrant and defiant.
After the Rain Sam Vaknin

What will Kosnovia say, when it is in every man’s mind that you should marry a Serb?
A Son of the Immortals Louis Tracy

The inn, kept by a Serb, was far better than the look of the place led one to expect.
Through the Land of the Serb Mary Edith Durham

noun, adjective
another word for Serbian

1813, but in reference to the Wends; 1861 as “native of Serbia,” from Serbian Srb, perhaps from a root meaning “man.” Serbian is attested from 1848 as a noun, 1876 as an adjective. More common in 19c. was Servian.


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