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Serial communications

Communication via a single channel that delivers one bit of data at a time, in contrast to parallel communications where multiple serial channels are combined, either physically (e.g. multiple cores in a cable) or by multiplexing.


Read Also:

  • Serial correlation

    noun 1. (statistics) another name for autocorrelation

  • Serial extraction

    serial extraction se·ri·al extraction (sēr’ē-əl) n. Selective extraction of certain teeth during the early years of dental development, usually with the eventual extraction of the first premolars to encourage autonomous adjustment of crowding of the anterior teeth.

  • Serial interface adaptor

    (SIA) The Ethernet driver chip used on a Filtabyte Ethernet card.

  • Serialise

    verb (used with object), serialized, serializing. 1. to publish in serial form. 2. to broadcast, televise, or film in serial form. verb 1. (transitive) to publish or present in the form of a serial programming To represent an arbitrarily complex data structure in a location-independent way so that it can be communicated or stored elsewhere. […]

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