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Serial section

serial section n.
One of a number of consecutive histological sections.


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  • Serial storage architecture

    storage (SSA) IBM’s proposed ANSI standard for a standard high-speed interface to disk clusters and arrays. SSA allows full-duplex packet multiplexed serial data transfers at rates of 20Mb/sec in each direction. According to John Taylor, programme manager at IBM’s Storage Division at Havant, SSA will be used in arrays of discs working with high-end computers […]

  • Serial-technique

    noun 1. twelve-tone technique. twelve-tone technique noun, Music. 1. a modern system of tone relationships in which the 12 tones of an octave are not centered around any one tone, but are unified by a selected order of tones for a given composition.

  • Seriate

    adjective 1. arranged or occurring in one or more series. adjective 1. forming a series

  • Seriatim

    adverb, adjective 1. in a series; one after another. adverb 1. in a series; one after another in regular order

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