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serosanguineous se·ro·san·guin·e·ous (sēr’ō-sāng-gwĭn’ē-əs)
Consisting of serum and blood.


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  • Seroserous

    seroserous se·ro·se·rous (sēr’ō-sēr’əs) adj. Of or relating to two serous surfaces. Of, relating to, or being a suture, as of the intestine, in which the edges of the wound are folded in a manner that brings two serous surfaces into apposition.

  • Serositis

    noun, Pathology. 1. inflammation of a serous membrane. serositis se·ro·si·tis (sēr’ō-sī’tĭs) n. Inflammation of a serous membrane.

  • Serosity

    adjective 1. resembling serum; of a watery nature. 2. containing or secreting serum. 3. of, relating to, or characterized by serum. adjective 1. of, resembling, producing, or containing serum serosity se·ros·i·ty (sĭ-rŏs’ĭ-tē) n. A serous fluid or a serum. The condition of being serous. The serous quality of a liquid. serous se·rous (sēr’əs) adj. Containing, […]

  • Serosynovitis

    serosynovitis se·ro·syn·o·vi·tis (sēr’ō-sĭn’ə-vī’tĭs, -sī’nə-) n. Synovitis characterized by an increase of serous fluid.

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