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Serous gland

serous gland n.
A gland secreting a watery substance that may or may not contain an enzyme.


Read Also:

  • Serous inflammation

    serous inflammation n. A form of exudative inflammation in which the exudate is predominantly fluid.

  • Serous ligament

    serous ligament n. Any of a number of peritoneal folds attaching certain of the viscera to the abdominal wall or to one another.

  • Serous-membrane

    noun, Anatomy, Zoology. 1. any of various thin membranes, as the peritoneum, that line certain cavities of the body and exude a serous fluid. serous membrane noun 1. any of the smooth moist delicate membranes, such as the pleura or peritoneum, that line the closed cavities of the body and secrete a watery exudate serous […]

  • Serous meningitis

    serous meningitis n. Acute meningitis with secondary external hydrocephalus.

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