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[ser-pen-tuh-fawrm] /sɛrˈpɛn təˌfɔrm/
shaped like a snake.


Read Also:

  • Serpentine

    adjective 1. of, characteristic of, or resembling a serpent, as in form or movement. 2. having a winding course, as a road; sinuous. 3. shrewd, wily, or cunning. noun 4. a device on a harquebus lock for holding the match. 5. a cannon having any of various bore sizes, used from the 15th to the […]

  • Serpentine-front

    noun, Furniture. 1. a front, as of a chest of drawers, having a horizontal compound curve with a convex section between two concave ones.

  • Serpentine-jade

    noun, Jewelry. 1. a green variety of serpentine used as a gem: not a true jade.

  • Serpentine-stretcher

    noun, Furniture. 1. an X -stretcher having curved lines.

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