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noun (pl) -rae (-riː)
(zoology) a sawlike part or organ


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  • Serra-da-estrela

    [ser-ah dah i-shtre-lah] /ˈsɛr ɑ dɑ ɪˈʃtrɛ lɑ/ noun 1. a mountain range in N central Portugal. Highest peak, Malhão da Estrela, 6532 feet (1991 meters).

  • Serra-da-mantiqueira

    [se-rah dah mahn-ti-key-rah] /ˈsɛ rɑ dɑ ˌmɑ̃ tɪˈkeɪ rɑ/ noun 1. a mountain range in SE Brazil, running parallel to the coast. Highest point, 9140 feet (2785 meters).

  • Serra-do-mar

    [se-rah doo mahr] /ˈsɛ rɑ dʊ ˈmɑr/ noun 1. a mountain range on the SE coast of Brazil. Highest point, 7420 feet (2262 meters).

  • Serra junipero

    [ser-rah hoo-nee-pe-raw] /ˈsɛr rɑ huˈni pɛˌrɔ/ noun 1. Miguel José [mee-gel haw-se] /miˈgɛl hɔˈsɛ/ (Show IPA), 1713–84, Spanish Roman Catholic missionary to the Indians in California and Mexico.

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