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José María
[haw-se mah-ree-ah] /hɔˈsɛ mɑˈri ɑ/ (Show IPA), 1876–1945, Spanish painter.


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  • Sertoli cell

    Sertoli cell Ser·to·li cell (sər-tō’lē, sěr’tô-lē) n. Any of the elongated striated cells in the seminiferous tubules to which spermatids attach during spermiogenesis.

  • Sertoli cell-only syndrome

    Sertoli cell-only syndrome n. Congenital absence of germinal epithelium from the seminiferous tubules, which contain only Sertoli cells, resulting in sterility due to the absence of living sperm cells in the semen. Also called Del Castillo syndrome.

  • Sertoli cell tumor

    Sertoli cell tumor n. See androblastoma.

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    noun 1. Quintus [kwin-tuh s] /ˈkwɪn təs/ (Show IPA), died 72 b.c, Roman general and statesman. noun 1. Quintus (ˈkwɪntəs). ?123–72 bc, Roman soldier who fought with Marius in Gaul (102) and led an insurrection in Spain against Sulla until he was assassinated

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