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Server farm


a collection of interconnected Internet computer servers; also a business with such a collection

A server farm expedites computing processes by harnessing the power of multiple servers.


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    noun, plural serveries. 1. Chiefly British. a food counter in a cafeteria or pub.

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    Java Servlet

  • Server message block

    protocol (SMB) A client/server protocol that provides file and printer sharing between computers. In addition SMB can share serial ports and communications abstractions such as named pipes and mail slots. SMB is similar to remote procedure call (RPC) specialised for file system access. SMB was developed by Intel, Microsoft, and IBM in the early 1980s. […]

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    file format, World-Wide Web (SPML, SHTML) A kind of HTML file containing server-specific, non-standard commands which are interpreted by the HTTP server and replaced by standard HTML or text before the data is returned to the client. Different servers use different command syntax and support different sets of commands. The most common example is a […]

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