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Service pack


in computing, an update to a customer’s software that may fix existing problems or deliver product enhancements; abbr. SP

A service pack is usually downloadable or orderable.


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  • Serviceperson

    [sur-vis-pur-suh n] /ˈsɜr vɪsˌpɜr sən/ noun 1. a person who is a member of the armed forces of a country. 2. a person who maintains or repairs equipment.

  • Service-pipe

    noun 1. a pipe connecting a building with a water or gas main.

  • Service provider

    communications An organisation that provides a service by telephone, such as an 0800 (toll free) number. The service provider buys the services of a telecom supplier (e.g. BT) but advertises the service and deals with the calls itself. Increasingly, service providers are now also managing their advanced call-routing. (1996-08-27)

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    noun 1. frontage road. service road noun 1. (Brit) a relatively narrow road running parallel to a main road and providing access to houses, shops, offices, factories, etc, situated along its length

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