made separately and placed within another unit.

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  • Set in motion

    Start something moving, give impetus to something, as in A press conference set the new project in motion. It is also put asset the wheels in motion, as in Let’s set the wheels in motion for the new library wing. This idiom dates from about 1800. It was preceded by put in motion, which dates […]

  • Set-in sleeve

    noun 1. a sleeve joined to the body of a garment at the shoulder and having a seam at that juncture.

  • Setireme

    noun 1. the setose, oarlike leg of an aquatic insect.

  • Set-jetting

    noun 1. the practice of visiting places used as locations in feature films

  • Setl

    SET Language. A very high level language based on sets, designed by Jack Schwartz at the Courant Institute in the early 1970s. It was possibly the first use of list comprehension notation. Data types include sets (unordered collections), tuples (ordered collections) and maps (collections of ordered pairs). Expressions may include quantifiers (‘for each’ and ‘exists’). […]

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