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Set one back

see: set back , def. 1; 2.


Read Also:

  • Setose

    adjective 1. covered with setae or bristles; bristly. adjective 1. (biology) covered with setae; bristly

  • Setout

    noun, Informal. 1. preparations, especially for beginning a journey. 2. start or outset. 3. things set or laid out for use or display, as food on a table. 4. getup or outfit. 5. an entertaining event.

  • Set-piece

    noun 1. an arrangement of slow-burning fireworks forming a design or composition when lighted. 2. Theater. a piece of scenery used as part of a stage set, as a profile or three-dimensional construction built to stand independently on the stage floor: A few set pieces simulating rocks and a fence constituted the scenery for the […]

  • Set play

    noun in sports, a plan of action employed after a timeout or in particular predetermined situations; a planned offensive movement to be executed in certain situations

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