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Sewage farm

a place where sewage is treated, esp for use as manure


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  • Sewage gas

    noun 1. gas given off in the digestion of sewage consisting of approximately 66 per cent methane and 34 per cent carbon dioxide

  • Sewall

    noun 1. Samuel, 1652–1730, American jurist, born in England.

  • Sewan

    noun 1. seawan. noun 1. wampum (def 1). noun 1. a variant spelling of seawan noun 1. shell beads, usually unstrung, used by certain North American Indians as money; wampum

  • Seward-peninsula

    noun 1. a peninsula in W Alaska, on Bering Strait. Seward Peninsula /ˈsjuːəd/ noun 1. a peninsula of W Alaska, on the Bering Strait. Length: about 290 km (180 miles)

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