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deprived of sexual gratification


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  • Sex-symbol

    noun 1. a celebrity who is held to possess abundant sex appeal.

  • Sext

    noun, Ecclesiastical. 1. the fourth of the seven canonical hours, or the service for it, originally fixed for the sixth hour of the day taken as noon. noun 1. (mainly RC Church) the fourth of the seven canonical hours of the divine office or the prayers prescribed for it: originally the sixth hour of the […]

  • Sextain

    noun, Prosody. 1. a stanza of six lines. 2. sestina. noun 1. another word for sestina

  • Sextan

    adjective 1. (of a fever) characterized by paroxysms that recurevery sixth day. noun 2. a sextan fever. adjective 1. (of a fever) marked by paroxysms that recur after an interval of five days

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