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consisting of six parts; sexpartite.
six times as great or as many.
Music. characterized by six beats or pulses to the measure:
sextuple rhythm.
verb (used with or without object), sextupled, sextupling.
to make or become six times as great.
a quantity or number six times as great as another
six times as much or many; sixfold
consisting of six parts or members
(of musical time or rhythm) having six beats per bar


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  • Sextuplet

    noun 1. a group or combination of six things. 2. one of six offspring born at one birth. 3. sextuplets, six children or offspring born of one pregnancy. 4. Music. a group of six notes of equal value performed in the same time normally taken to perform four. noun 1. one of six offspring born […]

  • Sextuplex

    adjective 1. sixfold; sextuple.

  • Sextuplicate

    [noun, adjective seks-too-pli-kit, -tyoo-, -tuhp-li-; verb seks-too-pli-keyt, -tyoo-, -tuhp-li-] /noun, adjective sɛksˈtu plɪ kɪt, -ˈtyu-, -ˈtʌp lɪ-; verb sɛksˈtu plɪˌkeɪt, -ˈtyu-, -ˈtʌp lɪ-/ noun 1. a group, series, or set of six identical copies: The application is to be submitted in sextuplicate. adjective 2. having or consisting of six identical parts; sixfold. 3. sixth. verb […]

  • Sex-typed

    adjective 1. characterized as appropriate for or of one sex rather than the other

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