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Sexual dwarf

sexual dwarf n.
A dwarf who exhibits normal sexual development.


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  • Sexual-generation

    noun 1. the gametophyte generation in the alternation of generations in plants that produces a zygote from male and female gametes. sexual generation n. Reproduction through the union of individuals, or the union of male and female germ cells.

  • Sexual-harassment

    noun 1. unwelcome sexual advances made by an employer or superior, especially when compliance is made a condition of continued employment or advancement. sexual harassment noun 1. the persistent unwelcome directing of sexual remarks and looks, and unnecessary physical contact at a person, usually a woman, esp in the workplace

  • Sexual infantilism

    sexual infantilism n. Failure to develop secondary sexual characteristics after the normal time of puberty.

  • Sexual-intercourse

    noun 1. genital contact, especially the insertion of the penis into the vagina followed by orgasm; coitus; copulation. sexual intercourse noun 1. the act carried out for procreation or for pleasure in which, typically, the insertion of the male’s erect penis into the female’s vagina is followed by rhythmic thrusting usually culminating in orgasm; copulation; […]

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