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  • Sg

    1. Grammar. singular. Symbol, Chemistry, Physics. 1. seaborgium. 1. senior grade. 2. Secretary General. 3. Solicitor General. 4. Surgeon General. 1. Physics. specific gravity. abbreviation 1. specific gravity abbreviation 1. Singapore abbreviation 1. (in transformational grammar) singular 2. solicitor general sg abbr. specific gravity Sg The symbol for seaborgium. seaborgium (sē-bôr’gē-əm) Symbol Sg A synthetic, […]

  • S.g.

    1. Physics. specific gravity.

  • Sga

    SGA small for gestational age

  • Sgabello

    noun, plural sgabellos Italian, sgabelli [zgah-bel-lee] /zgɑˈbɛl li/ (Show IPA). Italian Furniture. 1. a side chair of the Renaissance, consisting of a small seat, usually octagonal, often resting on a cubical part and supported either on two carved planks set transversely on edge or on three legs, with a back formed from a carved plank.

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