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Standard Generalized Markup Language: a set of standards, approved by the ISO, enabling a user to create an appropriate markup scheme for tagging the elements of an electronic document, as to facilitate the production of multiple versions in various print and electronic formats.
standard generalized mark-up language: an international standard used in publishing for defining the structure and formatting of documents
Short for Standard Generalized Markup Language. A standardized markup language for describing the structure and formatting of a computer document. Sections of the document are set off by embedded tags. The tags and the relationships among the groups they represent are described in a DTD (Document Type Definition). The tags do not directly specify what the display of the document will look like, so different applications can display the information differently.

SGML definition

An abbreviation for Standard Generalized Markup Language. This is language used to format text by using tags, which is particularly useful for projects involving cross-references.

Standard Generalized Markup Language
Standard Generalized Markup Language


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