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  • Sgss

    SGSS solar generator subsystem

  • Sgt

    1. Sergeant. abbreviation 1. Sergeant SGT 1. sergeat 2. Shattered Globe Theatre Sgt. sergeant

  • Sgt.maj.

    Sgt.Maj. sergeant major

  • Sh

    interjection 1. (used to urge silence.) 1. sheep. 2. Bookbinding. sheet. 3. shilling; shillings. 1. shipping and handling (charges). interjection 1. an exclamation to request silence or quiet abbreviation 1. St Helena SH abbr. serum hepatitis 1. Bourne shell. 2. The country code for St. Helena. (1999-01-27) sh Serbo-Croatian SH 1. sacrifice hit 2. social […]

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