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a shallow, rectangular frame fronted with a glass panel, used to show and at the same time protect items on display, as paintings, coins, or jewelry.
verb (intransitive)
(boxing) to practise blows and footwork against an imaginary opponent
to act or speak unconvincingly, without saying what one means, etc: he’s just shadow-boxing


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  • Shadow-cabinet

    noun 1. (in the British Parliament) a group of prominent members of the opposition who are expected to hold positions in the cabinet when their party assumes power.

  • Shadow-dance

    noun 1. a dance in which shadows of the dancers are cast on a screen. noun an entertainment in which dancers perform behind an illuminated screen Word Origin 1909-14

  • Shadow economy

    noun black market transactions and other illicit commercial activity Examples Growing marijuana is considered shadow economy.

  • Shadowed

    adjective, Printing. 1. noting or pertaining to an ornamented type in which the embellishment is outside the character, especially one in which a black line at one side and at the top or bottom gives the effect of a cast shadow. noun 1. a dark figure or image cast on the ground or some surface […]

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