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Shadow price

(economics) the calculated price of a good or service for which no market price exists


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  • Shadow ram

    operating system A memory area in PC-AT compatibles used to store frequently accessed ROM code to speed up operation. (1995-01-16)

  • Shadow-roll

    noun 1. sheepskin that is placed just below the eyes of a pacing horse in order to prevent it from seeing moving shadows cast by its body.

  • Shadow test

    noun 1. (med) another name for retinoscopy shadow test shad·ow test (shād’ō) n. See retinoscopy.

  • Shadowy

    adjective, shadowier, shadowiest. 1. resembling a shadow in faintness, slightness, etc.: shadowy outlines. 2. unsubstantial, unreal, or illusory: shadowy preoccupations. 3. abounding in shadow; shady: a shadowy path. 4. enveloped in shadow. 5. casting a shadow. adjective 1. full of shadows; dark; shady 2. resembling a shadow in faintness; vague 3. illusory or imaginary 4. […]

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