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Shaft feather

(archery) one of the two fletchings on an arrow Compare cock feather


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  • Shaft-grave

    noun, Archaeology. 1. a grave consisting of a deep, rectangular pit with vertical sides, roofed over with a stone slab.

  • Shaft-horsepower

    noun 1. the horsepower delivered to the driving shaft of an engine, as measured by a torsion meter. Abbreviation: shp, SHP.

  • Shaft-house

    noun 1. a structure housing machinery and other equipment at the top of a mine shaft.

  • Shafting

    noun 1. a number of shafts. 2. Machinery. a system of shafts, as the overhead shafts formerly used for driving the machinery of a mill. 3. steel bar stock used for shafts. 4. Architecture. a system of shafts, as those around a pier or in the reveals of an archway. 5. Slang. an instance of […]

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