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sexy and somewhat psychedelic

The word “shagadelic” is a reference to Austin Powers movies, where the main character used words that contained “shag” almost all the time.
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  • Shaganappi

    noun, Chiefly Canadian. 1. thongs, straps, or lacings made of rawhide.

  • Shag-ass

    verb (used with object) 1. to pull or draw with force; move by drawing; drag: They hauled the boat up onto the beach. 2. to cart or transport; carry: He hauled freight. 3. to cause to descend; lower (often followed by down): to haul down the flag. 4. to arrest or bring before a magistrate […]

  • Shagbark

    noun 1. a hickory, Carya ovata, having rough, shaggy, bark and yielding a valuable wood. 2. the wood. 3. the ellipsoidal, slightly angular nut of this tree. noun 1. a North American hickory tree, Carya ovata, having loose rough bark and edible nuts 2. the wood of this tree, used for tool handles, fuel, etc […]

  • Shaggable

    adjective (Brit, slang) 1. sexually attractive

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